Bridge the gap between TSV and traditional WLFO/FOWLP

Our award-winning Silicon Wafer Integrated Fan-out Technology (SWIFT®/HDFO) technology is designed to provide increased I/O and circuit density within a reduced footprint and profile for single and multi-die applications.

The distinctive characteristics of SWIFT are due, in part, to the fine feature capabilities associated with this innovative wafer level packaging technique. This allows aggressivedesign rulesto be applied, compared to traditionalWLFOand laminate-based assemblies. In addition, SWIFT enables the creation of advanced 3D structures that address the need for increased IC integration in emerging mobile and networking applications.

Unique SWIFT features include:

  • Polymer-based dielectrics
  • Multi-die and large die capability
  • Large package body capability
  • Interconnect density down to 2 μm line/space (critical for SoC partitioning applications)
  • Cu pillardie interconnect down to 30 μm pitch
  • 3D/Package-on-Packagecapability utilizing Through Mold Via (TMV®) or tall Cu pillars
  • Meets JEDEC MSL3 CLR and BLR requirements

Key assembly technologies enable the creation of these distinctive SWIFT features. Using stepper photo imaging equipment, 2/2 μm line/space features can be achieved, enabling very high-density die-to-die connections required for SoC partitioning and networking applications where2.5D TSVwould typically be used. Fine-pitch die micro bumps provide a high-density interconnect for advanced products, such as application processors and baseband devices. In addition, tall Cu pillars enable a high-density vertical interface for mounting advanced memory devices on the top of the SWIFT structure.


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