We are continually searching for tomorrow’s technology leaders

Amkor Technology Korea provides an extensive offering of advanced package and test services and is home to our R&D Center. We are continually searching for tomorrow’s technology leaders. We’re looking for dynamic professionals who blend creativity and experience with vision and cooperation. Our unique corporate culture is reflected in our main purpose: use our collective talents and energies to achieve prosperity and fulfillment for our customers, our company and our people. Amkor Technology’s mission is to be the world’s premier semiconductor assembly and test services company through customer satisfaction, leading-edge technology, and financial performance.

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Become Part of the Team

Demonstrate the passion and challenging spirit that only you can show, and the possibility of career growth at Amkor Korea is yours. If you are ready to show off your skills, Amkor’s door is open.

What we offer

薪水和福利– Amkor Korea provides performance incentives to all employees based on their performance and differentiates their compensation according to their achievements in a fair and reasonable compensation policy.

Pay System– Employees are paid fair compensation based on the performance of the annual salary system. Employees of production salaries are provided with a seniority-based salary system that increases the salary depending on the number of years of service.

Performance Incentive System (PI)– We pay performance bonuses to employees twice a year based on the achievement rate of semi-annual gross margin.

Individual Incentive System– Amkor Korea has an established a performance-based wage system where employees can earn recognition and compensation for individual achievements. Our corporate culture values individual talents by valuing individual incentives according to individual capabilities and corporate contributions.

Vacation– In addition to the legally defined leave, Amkor Korea provides paid holidays for employees to refresh their work and life. In summer, we offer four days of paid vacation.

Meet Amkor

科技nical Team (R & D)

Amkor Korea的研发中心为最新的半导体趋势进行了研发,以开发过程/材料,以满足客户的各种需求。狗万滚球官网为此,我们需要具有积极态度的员工,使我们能够与相关部门,客户和合作伙伴有机地合作,了解行业趋势。如果您是具有专业技能的创意和有进取心的人,请联系Amkor。


Amkor Korea与跨国公司的客户合作,实时满足各种要求。客户满意度领导者负责将客户的声音传递给制造网站,并进行双向通信。如果您想感受到帮助我们向世界领先公司提供先进技术的满足感,成为韩国的新才能。

ATI Dispatcher

A foreign delegate serves as a stepping stone for headquarters and production bases, and assists in efficient business processes. An ATI Dispatcher needs to learn various cultures and lifestyles and understand the management activities of Amkor’s head office. For those of you who are passionate about your field and are not afraid of new challenges, the opportunities of this career with a world-perspective are open.

Process Engineer

The mission of overseas dispatch process engineers is not only to support the core technology in the field, but also to adapt to the local environment. This position requires the ability to absorb culture and ideology, and to maximize the efficiency of local staff with engineers from China and other countries. If you like the idea of being an engineer with Amkor Korea, apply today.

科技nical Research Institute

Employees at the Technology Research Institute are tasked with package management, materials development efficiency, and worldwide engineer collaboration. If you enjoy material engineering and semiconductor packaging reliability and collaborating with others, inquire about this career opportunity.